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Add All Your Assets

Pick a method to add new assets like importing a file.

Add Online and Offline Assets

Add online and offline IT assets using different methods import a file, use a wired/wireless scanner or RFID reader, or enter in a few on the fly. Upload a spreadsheet into AssetAware if you need to add a lot of information or if you already have a spreadsheet that you want to transition away from.

Accurate IT Asset Tracking

As assets change, is easy to keep information accurate.

Accurate IT Asset Tracking

As assets move throughout the company, change owners, or come offline, keep information accurate by modifying the asset detail. You can search based on an asset value, scanning the assets, or importing a file of serial numbers and then update the fields of the assets you’ve selected. It’s as easy as that!

Complete Asset History

See the entire asset history from cradle to grave.

Complete Asset History

Detailed information for every asset right at your fingertips. Search through your online and offline assets by serial number or any attribute like owner, manufacturer, warranty date, and many more! Plus, view an asset’s history or journal reports so you can make better business decisions and be prepared for audits.

Gain Control of Inventory

Easily determine where every asset is located.

Gain Control of Inventory

With a single application to store all your asset information, easily determine what assets you own and where they are. You can also reconcile which offline assets are grouped together so they are managed securely before reaching final disposition. Perform an inventory at any time utilizing the easy to use interface or a scanner.

Track Offline Asset Activity

Standardize how offline assets behave prior to handing them to an ITAD vendor.

Keep Track of Offline Assets

When assets are offline, they still need be managed with efficiency and security. Create custom workflows for processes like computer onboarding or hard drive destruction and achieve standardization across sites and events. Plus, you have visibility for reporting!

Plan Your Budget

Don't overspend or waste resources again. Plan accurately for the future.

Plan Your Budget

At some point, you are going to want to get your information out of the system. Whether that’s because you need to complete a task, present information to management, or print out an auditor report. Choose from one of our reports or create one of your own. Save the report for later use or export the information directly to PDF or Excel.


Get a snapshot of your environment and direction for what assets need attention.


Get a snapshot of your environment without navigating past the landing page! Know how many assets you own or which assets need immediate attention. Customize the information you see according to what information is relevant to your position.

Cloud Based Software

Access AssetAware from anywhere. Have assets in your application within minutes!

Cloud Based Software

Reap the benefits of cloud based software. Access AssetAware from anywhere at any time.Get started within a few minutes and register an unlimited amount of assets. Implement your own security roles so you can determine who can perform what actions.

How It Works

When common tasks are simple, you can get back to your other projects.


Gain control of your IT inventory and make planning for the future easier.

Online and offline asset tracking means you won’t miss a step. Start tracking assets the moment they come in the door. Assign attributes like location, owner, type, etc. Easily update that information as assets move locations, get reassigned owners or change statuses during their lifetime. When assets are offline, assign them to custom workflows to automate how they are managed. Seamlessly transition between online and offline by determining when assets should be removed from the enterprise or which are ready to be deployed.

Don’t spend excess time looking up information. All your assets in one place makes it quick and easy to retrieve information on any asset in your organization. Search for an asset or subset of assets and find all the information you need – status, location, owner, etc. Plus, view the history of the asset to see everything that has happened to the asset since inception. Don’t spend time searching for information when you can be making informed decisions on the information you have.

Accurately allocate resources and budgets. With AssetAware, you no longer have to worry about overspending or wasting resources. Plan next year’s budget accurately by determining which resources will need to be replaced and how much you can expect to receive from the assets being removed from the enterprise. Quickly determine which assets are unassigned and can be used before you order more hardware or software.

Easy to implement, easy to use. We have made AssetAware with the busy IT professional in mind, minimizing time to complete tasks whenever possible. Register for your own instance of AssetAware in our secure hosted environment and start adding assets within a few minutes. All of our fields are ready for you to populate with the information you want tracked. What are you waiting for?!

IT asset tracking

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